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Hi! I am Nina Wei, a designer at Baidu Research SVAIL Lab, formerly at Whitespace, Sourcebits, Quirky, and graduated from MHCI+D at UW. Let's talk! / Linkedin / Medium / Twitter / Resume

Design Thoughts

I am very sensitive to problems, and I like analyzing them. Writing helps me better organize my thoughts. I also got many inspirations from the process. Read more at grow as a designer.

So, you want to be an AI designer

Voice, it's just the beginning

Human Vs Tools

Creating Dance-Like Product Experience

It is the Event that matters more than the Location.

Why am I so into Startup Weekend and Hackathons?

Job Interview? Enjoy It!

Case Studies

Projects at Whitespace, Sourcebits, Quirky, and UW (master capstone).

Personal Projects

Projects at Startup Weekends, Hackathons and for personal explorations. More coming soon!

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